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In spite of the surge of technology use in recruitment business such as development of Job portals, search engines, social media etc., the recruitment business process continue to remain manual keep the average cycle-time to search, source and hire candidates remains high in terms of weeks or even months. Organizations still depend on large number of recruiters' manual efforts to filter, arrange interviews and coordinate the selection and offer processes. Secondly, given the focus on niche talent needs across industries and locations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to zero-in on the right candidates for the jobs within reasonable timeframe.

Pelican Brown's QUIKRUIT is a framework that addresses these concerns by creating databases based on Location, Skills or Business Vertical. Matching right candidates with the roles and suggesting right roles for the candidates become easy when simple and flexible processes meet intuitively grouped data according to business needs.

QUIKRUIT helps customers to reduce the cycle time of recruitment process and help them to zero-in on the right profiles faster.

QUIKRUIT as a platform will automate several functions both for candidates and employers thereby improving the efficiency of end to end recruitment process and provide rich user experience.