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What we do

Pelican Brown are well-versed in instructional designing and create Business Technology courses with a blend of self-paced learning, hands-on activities and assessments for a full 360 degrees of learning, encompassing business, technical, language and soft skills needed.

We select graduates and junior laterals with requisite aptitude and attitude and train them to be domain and business ready through our unique business model. Our unique blended learning model helps to seamlessly educate the students even when they are at client sites, thus enabling the tracking of learning outcomes more effectively. Availability of experts over the internet for coaching and facilitation services ensures the quality of education is not skipped.

Upon certification, the consultant is placed at client-sites where ongoing learning and coaching as well as periodical trainings and assessments continue for the rest of the period. On successful completion of the 2 year program, the consultant can continue to work at the client’s office or join as a senior consultant at any of the Pelican Brown affiliated entities or pursue other opportunities.