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Industry Alignment Program

Pelican Brown conducts several bridging learning programs and short-term certification programs on various technology, domain and soft-skills to help align a fresh graduate to the needs of the corporate world.

We have Short-term programs on specific technologies such as Big Data combined with fundamentals of Data Analytics.

We offer a complete range of Technology and Process training, which include Big Data, Hadoop, Python, Advanced Java, .NET/WCF, ITIL etc.

Our Finishing School in-campus – focus on a blend of business, technical and soft skills to prepare industry-ready graduates. Leveraging our Bank Lab, students could complete their final-year projects in a business vertical.

Our Short certification programs in campus –on business, technology and soft skills offer Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare related topics as short-term as well as short-credit modules.

Our Role-based trainings are designed to lead to specific industry-recognized certification trainings. These certification-oriented trainings for Students help boost their career growth and enhances their employability and productivity leading to better remuneration.

We have a calendar of Role-based, Certification and Business knowledge skills trainings through the year for fresh graduates, and students in their final years to help them align their skills to the Corporate World.